June 30, 2007

Whip Cracking

I can's stress this enough, when you get the Big Mailer start drawing in it THAT DAY and mail it as soon as you're DONE. With 100 artists waiting in line, keep in mind that if everyone took only took a day to turn it around and mailing it took two days, that's a year. If everyone waited an extra day, that's 1/3 of a year you're adding to the length of the project. If everyone waits three days, you've added a year.

As it is now, 3 people other than me have had it and it's taken them over two months. If everyone took a month, that's 9 years.

I don't want to wait that long.

I know life sometimes gets in the way and you're unable to always do things at the drop of a hat, but I'm going to start being a hardass about the Big Mailer because the idea is to get money to the chosen funds and the sooner we do it the better. The sooner we do it, the sooner we can start another one.

So, from this moment forward, once you get the Big Mailer, you have a week to draw it and get it back in the mail. I'm really serious about this. Even at that schedule we're looking at two years. Once you get the book, email me and if I don't hear back from you within 7 days that you're done and you need the next person's address, I'll be contacting you and asking you to send it on. You'll be added to the end of the list and given a second chance but the book needs to keep moving.

I'm really sorry about having to be a jerk about it, but the first few stops along the way haven't inspired any confidence.

Carry on.

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