June 24, 2007

Gallery Up

Ok, a gallery of sorts is up. I found an applet that would pull them all from Flickr. I couldn't make them private on Flickr or the app wouldn't work. But, in the end this saves me download costs. However, if you don't like that idea, please let me know and I'll take your image out of the gallery loop.

The images are small until I can figure out the code to change. Clicking on them takes you to a moderately larger size.


Let me know what you think.


Mark van Olmen said...

The gallery really looks great.
And a lot of great work too!!

Rian said...

There is some DAMN fine artwork in this thing so far. I'm looking forward to the day when we reach the full 100 pieces (hopefully sooner than later).

ksklein said...

Wow. Some great work has been sent in. I´ll need to do my best to try to achieve the same level.