June 14, 2007


This might be something that needs adding to the main site, but I thought I'd do a quick summary here of the questions that have come across.

Q. What size paper can I draw on? What type?
A. Type doesn't matter as much as size since these are going to be bound into a single book. The size MUST be 9x12. If you can see your way to leaving a little room on the left for binding, all the better. If it's bigger than 9x12 I might have to trim it.

Q. Can I do a drawing on both sides?
A. I can't stop you from drawing on both sides of the paper. However, if the art received is wildly different sizes and I have to mount all the art onto blank sheets, whatever you draw on the back will be lost.

Q. Can I include my web address or email on the drawing?
A. Yes. I'll be making a credits sheet to go in the back with the names, emails and web portfolios (if available) for all the artists. But you're more than welcome to sign it thusly.

Q. I only work digitally, can I email you a file?
A. Unfortunately, no. I feel bad about turning away artists, but the first two projects are geared toward analog art. There may be another project down the road that allows digital work that can be published online, but not this first push.

Q. Do you cover shipping?
A. Short answer, no. Long answer, if you have the Big Mailer and have absolutely no way of sending it, ie you're a 12 year old orphan with no income and no post office within 100 miles, I might be able to help with FedEx. However, the size of the project means I can't cover everyone's shipping, it'd run me into the several hundreds which I don't have.

Q. Can I only do the Big Mailer?
A. Not at this point, no. Think of the Single Mailer as the prerequisite for the Big Mailer. It's a way for me to gauge reliability and commitment. Later we'll have projects split up and you can take your pick.

Q. Can I draw nekkid wemins?
A. Yes. Nudity is fine as long as it's not explicitly sexual in context. Same goes for gore and violence. Keep in mind, I can't control who the book is eventually sold to. Let's keep it somewhere between PG-13 and R.

Q. I've done two pieces, but I can't decide which one to send. Can I send both?
A. By all means, send whatever you'd like. I may not use both in the book, but I'll keep everything I get on file and use whatever is left over for later projects.

Q. I've changed my mind about being involved, can you send my work back to me?
A. Absolutely. It's a volunteer based project and you free to back out at any time up until the books are finished.

Q. Can I have my friends draw something too?
A. You bet! The more the merrier. They'll have to sign up at the website and get their Single Mailer in just like you would. The more people you tell, the bigger the project gets and the more money we can raise.

Q. I'm not a comic book artist, can I still participate?
A. You bet! This started as a project on a comic book forum, but it's by no means a comic book project. Draw whatever you like.

Q. Can I paint something?
A. Yes.

Q. I'd like to scan it anyway for myself. Would you like it if I sent you that scan?
A. Aboslutely! The way I'll be scanning is at 300dpi and saved as a TIF file with LZW compression. From what I've been told, that's the best lossless format for printing (which we'll be doing later.) Those files tend to be very big, probably around 25-30mgs, so if you're going to do that, I'd suggest using a big file sharing tool like Send This File or Mail Big Files. They're free and you can then send me the info on how to download them.

Q. Are you going to have a gallery of the artwork?
A. Not to start, but eventually yes. After the initial book sells at auction and there's a digital copy available online, I'll also have it online at Flickr more than likely. But, those files will be smaller and only web quality. Hopefully it won't stop them from buying the book.

Q. Are you making any money off this?
A. I wish. I have a donate button for the project to help cover costs, but that's only to make sure the project moves forward. 100% of everything recouped from auctions or sales of the book online will go to the foundations.

Q. Are you going to pick different funds for later projects?
A. Maybe, that's a ways down the road though. The Big Mailer is going to take years to complete and we might only get a couple Single Mailers done in that time as well. For now, the CBLDF and the Hero Initiative seem the likely candidates, but I'm willing to take suggestions.

If you have questions, please email me.

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