June 13, 2007

Update and Request

Greetings all!

I hope everyone is diligently working on their submissions. We're up to 45 now and I want to make sure we get to 100 soon while the project still has a little momentum. If you've talked it up at your online hang outs, give those threads a bump. I suspect a good number of the original 100 people to sign up have either forgot about it, had a life changing event prohibit them from participating or have considered it not worth their time. Whatever the reason, I've got roughly 130 names on the list and 45 pieces of art after three months. Not bad, but not done yet.

Also, on a humbling note, I've add a Paypal button to the blog. There's one on the main site as well in "Shop" but it's set to "donate" and I believe Paypal now has a restriction on who can receive donations. Either way, it's there.

The project will need some funding to keep it going, I hate to ask this of people, but it's true. The main thing needed is a scanner, or the cost to scan 100 pieces of art at 300dpi. I had planned on buying a Mustek A3 as they are pretty reliable and the only 11x17 scanner available. The scanner I have now is not the best for artwork and is not large enough to handle the size we're working with. It's close, and can be used in a pinch, but I'd rather not skimp when it comes to assembling all the artwork digitally.

Donations will also go toward site hosting, book binding, auction fees, printing costs and store front fees. The scanner is the most important and immediate need, but the other costs will show up as the projects complete. Binding may be the biggest cost as the odd sizes of the art so far received is going to present problems when creating a single book.

That's the deal and I apologize for asking this of the artists and viewers. It's not mandatory to participation in the project, it's just there if you're feeling like you'd like to help out.

Thank you, carry on.

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