May 29, 2009


It's likely things are going to stop here. With no art coming in and only a couple hits on the site per day despite the years long push at every art web site I could find, the 100AP just doesn't have it in it to win it. I've put more into the hosting and domain registration than the book has sold on Ka-Blam.

It's partly my fault. I tried being involved just a couple hours a day when clearly this is the work of several people doing 8 hours a day. I just can't keep picking it up.

So I'm going to drop the web site hosting but hold onto the domain and have it point to this blog. I'm going to drop all the other sites except maybe Facebook and figure out a way to have these posts update there. I'm not going to do any fancy sign up database as it's apparently pointless. I'll finish out the sketchbooks that are out there, but even they don't have enough artists to complete.

So things will be changing up a little around here. It's sad, but the 100AP just never got the momentum I'd hoped it would. It was just too hard to sustain for one guy part time.

Thanks to all those who have participated and hopefully other, bigger named charity projects will bring these people the funds they deserve.