June 24, 2007


So I'm in the process of scanning what work has come in to prepare for a gallery on the site. Hopefully it will show the level of talent we've collected and encourage others to send in work.

I'll more than likely be uploading small jpgs to Flickr into a private group and then using Flicrkshow as the gallery script. It's easier than having me write one myself or ask someone to write one. Hopefully it can work with private photos off Flickr, and if not I'll make sure to keep them smallish so no one can just print them off. I'll only be using the first 50 images on the gallery, save at least SOMETHING for people who might want to buy it later.

Plus, I don't want to scan 100 images on my crappy scanner (still haven't been able to get a larger bed scanner) and I've had to do some corrections to account for the bad fade I get on one side or the other.

Some cool news, Ian Shires over at Dimestore Productions - home of Small Press Idol - has said he'd like to run a full article on the project in Self Publish! Magazine. So if you're a subscriber to that, look for it soon.

We're holding just below 50 images with a lot of promises that they're in the mail or almost finished. Let's keep it going folks!

Carry on.

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