June 18, 2007

Mystery Artist

We've received a few new submission requests to the project, so the good news is the idea is out there and people are stopping by and appreciating the project for what it is and signing up. More good news is I've received more Single Mailers and we're up to 47.

On the down side, I got a form submission today that was blank. If you're reading this, please let me know who you are. Also, despite the fact that we're almost half way done with the first part, the momentum has slowed and I'm not sure when we'll get to 100. I was originally hoping to have them all by now, but it's not looking like we'll get done by the end of the summer.

Add to that the Big Mailer is stuck in Houston and I can't seem to get it moving any faster. (If you guys are reading this, check your emails please.)

So, it's not going to be the big flash some of us were hoping for, but another long project on which half the people don't follow through. Just like every thing else.

Chin up, let's keep those pencils moving, right?


Anonymous said...

Browsing the site I noticed one thing I though might be worth pointing out.
You could make the blogger link on the 100artists project main site a bit more prominent. Now it's sort of lost under the map there.
Since this is the place where all the latest info is at it'd serve the purpose to have it displayed so that it wont go unnoticed.

Mr. Austin said...

Never said I was a good web designer. That's a good point, thank you.