June 25, 2007


As much as this is probably not a good thing to post, I have to extend my sincere apologies to Bob Dahlstrom of the now defunct Think Tank. I had received his artwork about 10 days ago, and he was nice enough to include a small book, the last Think Tank. I met Bob two years ago at the Wizard World Chicago convention and he was a super friendly guy. He hung out at our table and we exchanged drawings and talked meaningless stuff, like you do.

Which makes this even harder, but I've lost his piece. I had a habit of opening them, writing their names on a label and putting the work into a portfolio binder for this exact reason. I have his name written, and I sent an email, but because he sent a book that I wanted to read, I left it out. In the shuffle of day-to-day mail, my wife's myriad photo businesses, commission art back and forth, and this project, I know it just got lost amidst a bunch of empty envelopes.

Just so everyone knows, if he decides to send a scan of his piece, I'll be including that in the single mailer complete book. I owe him at least that much; to be included without having to redo something. But I left it up to him, if he wants to redraw it, great.

I hope this doesn't mark the project unfavorably, but I thought I should come clean about it.

Carry on.

UPDATE: Bob resent a piece of work and it immediately went into the binder. I'm really glad he was cool about it and was able to send in something to replace the one that was lost.

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