August 14, 2007

Reason Behind the Project

Here's a perfect example of why people should support the CBLDF.

Three years, two sets of facts and a slew of changed charges later, Lee has received much more attention — from an outraged mother of two, the media, prosecutors, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and the comic book community as a whole — all because of a comic book drawing of a naked Pablo Picasso.

A case like this will undoubtedly drain what funds the CBLDF has. And it's sad because it's a two year old case that is still getting news, which means it's still going on. That's expensive. Also, fights like this are taking away litigation money and manpower that could be used for artists and creators who've had their works stolen or are unable to receive the compensation they've been promised.

Even if you aren't in this project, consider supporting your local comic shop and non-profit organizations that help the comic and art industry.

And finally, educated your children. I don't know why people think it's easier to drag people into court under the auspices of "looking out for kids" but this is nonsense. An enlightened parent shouldn't be taking these actions against the store owner. He didn't draw the comic. We're shooting the messenger. Why didn't the lady go after the publishing company, or the distributor or the artist? Because it's apparently easier to show your kids how to wage a prolonged legal battle against an innocent third party than it is to sit down and talk with them about the content of the media they choose to enjoy.

Who knows, maybe we'll raise enough money to help support Mr. Lee.

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