August 04, 2007


Hey folks. I realize I haven't updated in about a week, but to be honest, there's not a lot to talk about. It was mentioned that more people would be involved if this blog was updated more often and I'll try to think of ways to include more content. I've done a lot of talking about the project in general, and I would hope that there's enough information on the site itself that people wouldn't be relying on the blog for much, but that can change.

When you only receive a piece of art every 10 days or so, there's not a lot to post. When things pick up more, there will be more to talk about. I hope people reconsider and join on the merits of the project and not the frequency of my blogging.

To that end, I'll say that we're up to 61 artists now - I have to update the graphic on the site - and a lot of the people who signed up a couple weeks ago are coming through nicely. I'm keeping all the overseas postage to include with the auction for no other reason than I think it's cool. How often do you see packages arrive from Brunei and Korea and Brazil? The Big Mailer is still on route. It's next stop is California.

I might also do artist bios for the site, if I thought more people would find that interesting. There's a contributing artist section on the side bar I'll need to update so perhaps I'll go through the list and for each new addition I'll do a small write up, give them some eyes on their sites. The problem is, not everyone has an online gallery and the people who signed up originally didn't include one. I'd asked for one before and I'll ask again. If you signed up early, if you've already sent in some work and you'd like your name listed on the sidebar, just drop me a line and I'll set you up.

As far as the project as a whole goes, if the average wait time for art is 10 days and we have 40ish spots left, I'm thinking we'll be done with the single mailer by October. I've got a lead on a local binder to assemble the art and it shouldn't be much work in getting it scanned, auctioned and published online.

I take that back, scanning will be a problem. I still haven't been able to get a proper oversized scanner. I don't know if it'd be cheaper to take 100 pieces to Kinkos or to buy a Mustek A3 EP. If anyone has an oversized scanner they'd like to donate or can get a discount on one, please let me know. There's also the donation button that goes toward the purchase of a scanner. To date there's been $15 donated. Not bad, only 90% more to go. Heh.

That's all for now. Carry on.

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