April 07, 2009

You out there artists?

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I'm wondering what happened to the 30+ people who signed up to do artwork for the project. It's been months, nearly half a year and only a couple have come in.

Plus the sign ups have dwindled to one a week and I'm fairly sure those people are signing up for a newsletter.

So, if you have signed up, please get that artwork in. The project lives and dies on the volunteerism of the artists. If there is no art, there are no auctions or books to make. No auctions or books, no sales. No sales, no money to the charities we're supporting. I realize each and every piece of work created is time, labor and love intensive. I also know that I can't do this alone. My partner and I can't draw 100 pictures, write 25 short stories and mail a sketchbook to ourselves 100 times in order to get the project done. It's up to you.

Even if you have already done the work, you can still help by telling people about it. And I don't mean putting a link on your blog (though that does help) but really telling people about it. Tell your Design 102 class, tell your art history professor, tell your parents or kids. I'm proud of this project and I would hope you all are too. Enough that you are more than happy to let other people know it's going on.

So we're still here waiting for those drawings. We can't do it without you.