April 16, 2009

Donation Request - Hosting

Greetings all.

A quick word on the administrative side of the 100AP; the hosting renewal has come up for the site and while we've got fingers in many social networking pies, having a stand alone site is important.

The hosting is $4.99 a month and I've been able to afford six months at a time at $24, a year would be roughly $54 (I know of a promo code.) This time however, my money is tight and I've no room for extra. So, if you're feeling saucy and need some place to spend some cash but would like it to mean something, consider donating $5-10 to support the continuing operation of the 100AP. The hosting expires April 21st and I should be able to chip in enough for a month, to keep it going but it would be nice to have to not worry about it for a while.

You can donate by clicking here.

News on the sketchbook travels; it's continuing at an admirable pace. The moleskine is also abroad still.

To you recent artists who've signed up to send in art work, don't let us down. Signing up means you really want to participate. It's not a sign up to receive updates.

Carry on.

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