March 25, 2009


This is from a friend of a friend/100AP contributor.

I am calling out, looking for an artist who loves fantasy line art in the
late '70s, early '80s style. There is no money involved, but as a portfolio
builder for the artist, I am seeking to populate fantasy game modules I am
writing in a retro-clone fashion that delivers an appeal and inspiration
similar to that of the original TSR modules for the dungeons & dragons game
as written by E. Gary Gygax.

There is a new "old school" movement in gaming, and the OSRIC 2.0 system is
free for use. It clones the original game. As such, this year I will be
writing modules with an eye toward selling them. But adventure modules need
compelling art. Are you, or do you know any fantasy pen and ink/line artist
who might be interested in building their portfolio while helping me start
this business?

The art style can be found in the new retro-clone document, downloadable
here, entitled OSRIC 2.0. (sorry, I am unable to email a file that large
from work). Thanks for considering.

Thank you,
Tom Grzep

You can get in touch with tom here.

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