March 13, 2009


If you've stumbled onto the 100AP thanks to an email or a link from a web site or from seeing the various groups around the net, it may seem confusing. I admit that the whole endeavor is a bit loose and having 217 sites trying to drum up interest may not help. Different sites only allow for certain ways of disseminating information and sometimes the facts are overlooked.

Here's how it all started.

At first there was interest in doing the project, but only from a handful of people I knew from a message board. I couldn't decide on which cause to help (Hero or CBLDF) and thought it would be easy to split proceeds. It was and there wasn't a problem.

It was apparent I was limiting the project by only having people send in artwork. Quite a few people thought a traveling sketchbook was a great idea. But, I knew that would take forever and might get lost. So to ensure we did SOMETHING, I had everyone who wanted to participate, mail in a piece of art. This was the way to sign up: You send in something, you get on the list for the sketchbook.

We got 100 pieces and published them all and also auctioned off all the original art. But the sketchbook is still traveling (actually, I have it and will be mailing it this weekend.) Technically it's still going to all the original people who signed up by mailing something in.

The trouble is, it's been a few years now and a lot of these people have moved on and don't want to participate any more, have blocked my email address, are too popular and busy or aren't into art any more, so out of the 100 original artists maybe 50 will still get the sketchbook. This might mean that everyone who signed up on the "round two" push will be in line for that sketchbook as well which may take a LONG time in getting to them. It's either that or get a SECOND sketchbook and start mailing that right away.

So Round Two starts up and it gets a few people signing up but very little art sent in. The project dies off for a few months. Now it's back in business and I'm sure all the people who "signed up" have forgotten about it. Out of 25 people signed up, three have sent in art. The percentage is the same across the other projects. No Youth project art, 2 digital pieces, four stories. I'm worried whoever gets the moleskine or sketchbook will just never work on it. I recently emailed nearly 100 people who'd filled out the sign up form saying we're still working on it and to get your work in and we got two responses.

Is it because the project is confusing? I hope not. As of now we still need as many people actually contributing as possible. I'll be contacting people and asking if they still want to receive the sketchbook and get that rolling again, as well as the moleskine, but if you've signed up for something to mail in, please do so. And please tell people about the project.

But if it is confusing, please contact me. I've had a second pair of eyes looking at it and we'll make some changes. (For instance, the 100AP Youth project is for under 18, not 18 and under.) But if you're not sure what to do, what we're doing or where to find the information, please don't hesitate to ask by emailing, commenting here or on any of the networking sites we have set up.


Remember, it's all volunteer so signing up doesn't mean you're legally required to do anything. But if you like the project, the only way it will succeed is if its volunteers are able to contribute. I'm doing my best with it, now it's your turn.


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