February 13, 2008

Call to links!

Hey folks. So, in my promotion of the auction for the 100AP, I must have forgot to turn on the lights or lit the pilot light or put the car in drive. Page views to the site have dropped off dramatically and after a couple days the project has no bids. There are just over 7 days left so I'm not panicking, but I wonder if I did something wrong.

So, I'll ask this of you all, if you haven't yet, please write about the auction. Link to it from your blog, post a bulletin about it here. If you're a contributor to a bigger site, have the ears of large publishers or are otherwise knowledgeable about getting the word out, please do. I've done what I can but I don't think it's enough.

If you have any ideas or concerns also, please let me know. What input I got initially I incorporated so I'm not above making changes.



ksklein said...


I linked to the auction at my blog. I used some of the pics. In case I should change that, let me know.

I still believe that you could have made more money with auctioning the single drawings.
The starting price of the auction is very high. If I could pay that much money I would want to have real good work.
There are some drawings which are just phantastic and some aren´t very good. Anyway IMHO there aren´t a lot of people who would start bidding with such a high starting bid.

Mr. Austin said...

Thanks for the link! I hope you understand the reasons I chose to list it as it is. It was after much debate and consideration among the contributors and those who've listed artwork before. It wasn't arbitrary.

Yes $500 is a lot, but for what you're getting and what it going to support, I don't think it's all that much.

ksklein said...

Of course I do understand it and you are getting a lot, as some of the drawings are phantastic.
I just doubt, that the people who have the money will also browse ebay for this kind of art.
Hope you´ll be successful nevertheless.

Fabián Fucci said...

My advice is to promote the auction at every free -good- site you know to enhance the possibilites of getting buyers interested, along with a little covering of the project.