February 20, 2008


A last minute bidder has won the auction for the 100 Artists Project's 1st collection of work. I had honestly assumed the auction would lapse and I was going to relist it at a later time, probably for less, much to my chagrin. I'm really glad it sold and really happy I'll be able to turn $250 over to the two charities.

What this means is now I really have to get the print version done so everyone can see what great work was submitted and be able to support the causes themselves.

Good news today, good news for the causes.

Carry on!


Chris Tinkler said...

Awesome news, Ben!

Congratulations, all!

ksklein said...

Congrats! I´m glad that someone did buy it.

InkDrop said...

Awesome work X. Well done. Relax and have a beer, you earned it :)

finžgar said...

Congrats! Can't wait to get the printed version.

best wishes