February 11, 2008

Auction Relist

The auction was relisted to include a link back to a Flickr set with the entire 100 pieces of art.

Seen here

Also, if you're trying to email me, when you send 500 emails, Google shuts down your account for a day. I can receive them but I can't reply. I'll get back to you all tomorrow.



Fabián Fucci said...

Cool! A map of artists' locations would be a great add.

Fabián Fucci said...
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Mr. Austin said...

I'm already doing so much that anything additional at this point would kill me.

I'd be willing to turn that over to someone if I thought it'd help the auction.

Chris Tinkler said...

Any idea what kind of program/site we could use to map the artist locations? If so, I'll put something together this weekend.

Please lemme know

Mr. Austin said...

Why not just google maps? It's what I've been doing to chart the sketchbook's progress. But it's all manual, I plug the address in, draw a line, get a screenshot. I haven't been able to find a worthwhile alternative.

Chris Tinkler said...

Hey Ben,

I'll give it a shot, and also play around with any alternatives I may be able to find.

I have a copy of MS MapPoint that may be of use... I'll letcha know