July 09, 2007

Route Planning

Back from vacation, back to work.

In the past week I've got a handful of submission forms from new folks. I'd like to welcome them to the project and I hope I see some work from them soon. It's always good to see new work.

However, something came up with these new sign ups that I'd like to address and get feedback if possible (assuming more than 3 people read this.) I'd like to start sending the Big Mailer to the people who have already sent in their work on the Single Mailer. It just doesn't make sense not to at this point. The couple people who have seen the sketchbook haven't sent in their individual pieces yet and that's not completely fair to those who have. So instead of sending it locally, I'm just going to start in order the single pieces were received and so what if it goes all over the country.

There is an exception. I'll hold off on the international shipping until at least all the state side people are done. Hopefully by then we'll have all 100.

That's all.


David said...

Hey man,

I like the idea! However, I must admit it's also because I'm just excited to get the book sooner than anticipated. Do what works for you. But I'm all for it.

nate said...

works for me.

Stephen said...

Right on.
The sooner I get my grubby hands on that sucka the better, dude!