September 21, 2007

Saturation Part II

Here's a list of places the project has been mentioned. If you have suggestions, please either let me know or feel free to post about it.

Penciljack - Original home, big thread, usually updated by me.
Ugga Bugga - Second home, stickied message board thread.
Digital Webbing - Thread started (and locked) in the Pimp it here! section.
Comic Book Resources - Forum thread, there was also an article in the Comics Should Be Good site mentioning the project.
Dimestore - Thread started
Eat Poo - New board, new thread.
Concept Art - Older updated thread (I feel like a hack even posting in CA.)
Flickr - Group and I've invited everyone in my contact list, which isn't many people.
Silver Bullet Comics - Interview (board is being re done)
Drawing Board - Old thread
ComicSpace - I've set up a site on ComicSpace and recently sent a bulletin to my "friends"
MySpace - Simple page, no blog, just links to the main site.
Boing Boing - I've submitted the site to Boing Boing a couple times and it hasn't been listed, but the ApeLad interview was and it generated some hits. A couple people also linked back to that interview and it continues to drive traffic, sites like John Hodgman's blog and FinkBuilt.
Fark - redlit submission, of course I can't get anything posted there. However I might do an ad eventually.
Gutterzombie - An artist posted their work and I updated the thread with all the info.
Comic Art Fans - There's both a message board post by me about the project and a contributing artist has posted their work with a link back.
Tenton Studios - A contributing artist has posted their work with a link back.
Aspen Comics - ditto
Spawn Forum - ditto
Drawn! - Blog post about a month ago
iSpot - Has an art talk section, I've registered to post a topic but the traffic seems light there.
Jawbone Radio - blog post a while back
Hobotopia - blog post
There's also been various blog posts from contributing artists linking back.
Maximum Fun (Sound of Young America) - A member linked back to ApeLad's interview so I joined (which I wanted to do anyway) and gave some additional info.
Outcast Studios - Forum post
craigslist - I submitted a post a couple days ago. I might make that a weekly thing.
Illustration Friday - Joined up today and started a new thread.
nonozine - site link
Deviant Art - I have something started at Deviant Art, but I haven't spent enough time there to know exactly how the site works. If someone is better at DA than me, I'd love some help.
Comic Craft/Balloontales - Forum post
Blambot - Forum post

While I hate joining message boards just to pimp the project, there's no other way for me to do it. I've asked the blogs and sites I frequent if they could include a link back to the site, but most of the places rely on ads and most of my requests have gone unheeded.

Also, the MySpace page is probably in need of attention. I will absolutely turn over control of that to someone who is good with MySpace networking. I personally don't have the desire to mess around in there, it skeeves me out, but it's a good tool. If you'd like to be in control of that let me know. Or if you'd like to set up something on Facebook or another similar site, just let me know.

If you are a member of another board, please give this project a shout. Here are some places I think it would do well but I'm not a member or founder or contributor and it wouldn't look as good coming from a brand new person.

Image Comics forum
Dark Horse forum
Penny-Arcade forum
If you're a Total Farker, submit it so it gets greenlighted
MySpace (more networking)
Deviant Art (more activity)
Maybe HyperComics
Yahoo! or Google group
Anything else you can think of, water color art groups, cartoonist groups, graphic arts, illustration, whatever.

A word on Digg and StumbleUpon and the like. I think as the project organizer it's going to be in bad form if I submit the stories. And for Digg, it's not really even a story, it's just a project. But surely the first couple posts in the blog here could qualify. Again, if you are versed in this kind of thing, please help.

Thanks for your time. New interview coming up Monday.

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Annje said...

Hey there Ben!!

I'd be interested in helping with either the Myspace page or a facebook page or whatever to help get the word out. Let me know!