October 17, 2008

What to do?

Hey folks. Real quick, I know I've been lax on my end and haven't been pushing the project. I'm still here, I still plan on doing this so I'm just waiting for all those dozens of people who signed up to come through. The more work that comes in the more I can talk about it. I can update Flickr with images and start doing interviews with participants.

I'm also going to send a few sketchbooks out, keep those rolling. And since I've received a few stories, would you guys like to see snippets from those? Little bit of a preview or means to inspire?

That's all for now, not a lot going on but wanted to post anyway.



Kelly said...

I think posting snippets of the stories is a good idea. It'll keep people interested, and maybe even inspire some creativity.

Veronica said...

I'd love to see the stories posted.

Ben said...

They're short stories so I don't want to give too much away (we want people to buy stuff after all) but maybe a few snippets from them to entice.