August 16, 2008

100 Writers?

Hey guys, I had an idea about adding writing to the projects. Something like 100 total pages, 10 writers doing 10 page short stories (or there abouts.) It seems small, but if I did 100 writers and they did 5 pages, that's a very thick 500 pages. But I'm open to suggestion.

Also, I wasn't quickly able to find a good literary charity besides something to do with Walden.



Colin Reed Moon said...

I'm a writer, and this sounds phenomenal. I was going to sign up for the Artists Project but realized I've very little visual talent--writing is the craft I'd be able to contribute with. Do it.

Chris Tinkler said...

Awesome idea, Ben. Would definitely be down for this.

As for a charity... have you looked into "The Office of Letters and Light". They're the folks that put together the annual NaNoWriMo and ScriptFrenzy! contests. They seem to be very thankful to anybody who garners funds/word of mouth about them. Hopefully the 100WP(?) would get a good bit of exposure there, and bring in some interested folks to the other projects you're running.

(oh yeah)...

Ben said...

That's a great idea, looks like they'd be a good fit.