April 14, 2008

Sales Help

Ok guys. I'm stumped. After a year's worth of work and pimping the project on as many places as I could and a few that other people did, we've sold exactly 6 copies in two weeks.


On Penciljack alone I had twice that many people say, "Yeah I can't wait to get a copy of this."

Well, what's keeping you? What's keeping anyone? I thought surely after a couple of pay periods a few more sales would come in. Not so much.

I'm discouraged right now, if you can't tell. I was going to spend the week setting up the next projects so people could sign up for them, but not if it's going to make me spend another year to earn $20.

I'm open to ideas.


Anonymous said...

Is this project reported to HERO and CBLDF?
I cant seem to find anything on their news feeds. Perhaps they could promote the book too.


Ben said...

I did. I even called them and left messages, but I haven't heard back. Overall I'm kind of disappointed. Either I'm doing something wrong or the project just isn't big or right enough to warrant any publicity even from CBLDF and Hero.

I guess when you have big names at gala events, this may seem like small potatoes.

Tony said...

I think a huge part of the problem is what's in the book....based upon the gallery on the 100 Artistsproject website there is a lot of cringe-worthy amateur art in the book, sprinkled with a handful of good stuff..who would want that? That's already been answered. I know this sounds 'mean' and whatever else, but somebody had to say it.

Ben said...

I agree it's not 100 pieces of professional artwork. If you know of a way to get that, I'm all ears. Otherwise, we'll stick to what we've got. If the idea of supporting a cause isn't enough for people, then I'm more than willing to just stop doing it.