January 24, 2008

Auction Feedback

Hey folks, gimme some feedback here. What would you think of me listing one piece of art to start, then using the proceeds from that to fund the listing fees for the remaining 99 pieces individually?


ksklein said...

i would comment, but as i haven´t sent in a drawing yet i wouldn´t want to give an advice.
i´m surprised that the artists who joined in so far don´t comment.

your idea sounds good, though personally i would prefer to buy a batch of drawings rather than single one.

Mr. Austin said...

I agree with you. I'm also thinking of getting as much money off of it as possible. Someone might be more inclined to get a good piece of art for $50-100 rather than 100 pieces of art for $5000.

What I'm hoping is some philanthropic entity finds out about this and buys it just to make sure it gets a good price.

And don't worry about the comments, I'm glad you took the time. Thanks.

Chris Tinkler said...

Hi Ben,

I've got a non-answer answer... looks like a bit of a double edged sword here... I always pictured the project as being sold together as one "unit". However, you're 100% right about the costs of purchasing 100 pieces of art at the same time. Have you thought of maybe scanning all the images together (all 100 pieces on the same "sheet") and making "Prints" or lithos to sell to garner interest before the actual "project" goes on the auction block?

Anyhoo... getting a bit rambly here. I think you definitely should add a poll to the blog page, just to get some votes where folks don't have to explain their answers... it'll at least provide some food for thought.