December 21, 2007

99 and 16

Hey folks. It's the weekend before the break and another piece has come in. (Came in last week, but I've been busy.) That means with one more piece, this project's run will be officially done and we can get it sent to eBay.

I've decided I'll just get portfolio binders and keep the art as is; no binding. It wasn't the idea I had originally, but I think cost wise and due to the fact that the paper is all different, it's just easier this way. I'm also going to spend the $40 to get an ad on Fark for when the auction goes up. It'll likely link to the actual auction listing, but then there will be information on where the project is so we can have people get the book as well. Maybe I'll do two ads.

I don't have any interviews in the can right now and the Big Mailer is probably going to hang out at the current artist's location until next week. This will also likely be the last post until some time in January. I hope you all have a festive and safe holiday and we'll see you in 2008.


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