November 06, 2007

Early Poll Results

I'm actually a bit shocked by the early results in the poll. I'd all along assumed the best way for the project to fetch a meaningful price at auction was to have all the artwork physically bound together, as if it were its own book and not a loose collection of drawings and paintings.

Turns out I could be wrong and a bit enlightened. I think if I'd have gone through the trouble of forcing the art into a bound book, it may have ruined it.

The art already lives in two of these presentation folders. They work well to keep them organized as well as fairly safe. Having as many as we do, they're both almost full and there's a caveat; they each only have 24 pages. Double loaded I'm going to be four pages short. However I think that's a small issue and I could probably find similar folders with enough room.

These also have the added bonus of allowing my to include the postage from outside the U.S. that I clipped off the international envelopes.

I don't know how I'd do a full credits page or even if one is needed now. Right now each page just has a sticker on it with the artists name. I have hundreds of emails with folks' websites and a master document with all their info, I could just print their names and websites and add it to the folders.

It would work, but it wouldn't be as unique. I really liked the idea of having them all sort of tied together like a coffee table book of original art. Having them sit in sleeves like that makes it seem more like you bought 100 pieces of art at a convention. (And by the way, you know what that would cost? Keep that in mind. Imagine you paid only $20 for each piece.) But the people have spoken and it's given me pause as to how to handle the final product. It may take a bit of time to sort it out. I'll probably still go to the binders and get a quote and that more than anything may determine how it will all be delivered.


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